20 April 2012

Frugal Fun Friday

Yesterday I decided to take A with me to a work charity function. It was for a book sale through a local elementary, and I thought A would fit right in. Although she had fun, we were only able to stay for an hour. Walking past the table I will affectionately refer to as the "junk table" (filled with all manners of erasers, pencils, pens, cars, key chains, bookmarks, etc.) A found a "pointer". And she went crazy. She HAD TO HAVE THAT POINTER, and at $3.99, I was NOT going to give in and buy it for her. I mean, all out fit of rage. I took her outside, put her in the car, and she started to calm down. Because she was good the rest of the way home and during our grocery trip, we went to the dollar store where I got her a package of pipe cleaners. This made her SO HAPPY. I gave her one for the short drive home, and she started calling it her "porner". (Yes, poor word choice. I'll just enunciate a little better when referring to it in the future.)
Once home, I cut a few of the pipe cleaners into pieces. We talked about the colors, and making shapes, and practiced putting them into a colander. That $1 pack of pipe cleaners was a lot of fun for A, and for me!
Once I run out of oatmeal, I plan to use the canister as a "sorter" for the pipe cleaners. I'll punch holes in the top and put a band of color around each hole, corresponding to each color of pipe cleaner. That way, A can sort by colors, or just have fun pushing the pipe cleaners through the holes and into a CONTAINED space. (My floor currently looks like I had a party...and I did not.)

So that's my frugal fun for the day. What kind of things do you like to do with your kids that's inexpensive, fun, and maybe even educational?

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