30 April 2012

Magical Monday

No, Mondays are usually very magical. Today is a special day though because I'm off from work! Where do I work? I thought you might ask that question! I work at a children's apparel store and at a nationally recognized retailer. Both jobs have their perks. I get to find GREAT deals for my daughter and even some great stuff for me, my husband, and our home. At work yesterday, I found a dress for A that was marked under $6 and a very cute jacket for myself. With the current coupon available, everything will be about $12. Of course I also have an employee discount, so I'll save even more than that. Because A loves dresses, this is a great deal. The girl will.not. wear pants without throwing a huge fight, so any dress I can find that costs less than $6 (before discounts and coupons) is a good deal for me.
Today I've made some frozen yogurt bites from some strawberry Yoplait I had in the refrigerator. It was very simple to make. A and I can hardly wait the hour for them to freeze! I'll update this post with pictures as soon as they're fulled chilled. I know A will love them.
Have you done anything fun with your little one or maybe scored some great deals while shopping? Tell me about them!

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